LICENCECHECK site does not represent to be the DVLA

All private individuals please read the content of this page for further information. If you have found our site by error and wish to check the details of your personal licence record please call: 0300 790 6801

LICENCECHECK may not be able to assist you directly, however, if you follow the instruction as layout below this may direct you to the right place as LICENCECHECK does not hold any personal driving licence information unless you are an exiting customer.

Consent under the Data Protection Act is required at all times which must be granted by you in writing before any driving licence information is released by the DVLA to LICENCECHECK. If you wish LICENCECHECK to check your driving licence and provide please follow the instruction below, otherwise please call the DVLA directly on: 0300 790 6801

Please Check My Driving Licence...

This is a business or person that trades as a business, whereby LICENCECHECK will check the driving licence of the busines owner or any employee or working person(s) that drives on company business or has a genuine reason to check the driving licence of the person - Usually this applies to companies when meeting their obligations under their Duty of Care responsibilities.

However, if you are a private person/individual and wish to check your own driving licence using the LICENCECHECK service, we
request that you place an order by calling 0845 226 9686 - A fee will be charged for this service,

Fees- A Single Check

Charges:               £20.00 + VAT
Payment:              Debit or Credit Cards Accepted 

You will also need to provide;

  • A completed customer order form, this will issued by LICENCECHECK
  • Full written consent by completing a D796 driver mandate form issued by LICENCECHECK
  • Proof of address, usually a copy of a utility bill;
  • Gas, Electric
  • Water Rates
  • Bank Statement
  • Either one must be valid within the past 90 days and contain your name and licence address (no online statements of any kind allowed)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your existing driving licence and photocard (if applicable)

All documents must be returned to LICENCECHECK as hard copies before a submission to the licence authority is possible. Following the above process your licence check order will take place and your results will be available usually within 2 -3 days (subject to the licence authority timescales). All reports will be emailed to the details given on your customer order form.

Important - Only one submission will be allowed per fee paid, any errors or omissions may invalidate your submission, no refunds available.

If you wish to contact any of the Driving Licence Authorities please contact them using the number listed below;

Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency ( DVLA ) - Enquiries Telephone No:            0300 790 6801
Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency ( DVLA ) - Medical Group Telephone No:     0300 790 6807
Driver & Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland ( DVANI )  - Contact Telephone No:     0845 402 4000