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Licence Check are Associate Members of the BVRLA and already supports a number of other BVRLA members with our driving licence checking services. It is a testament to our own motor trade experience and highly advanced and innovative technology solutions that we have been so successful in providing a suitable replacement solution to members following the BVRLA’s decision to withdraw their own service.

It is always a challenge for any busy vehicle rental operation to balance the needs of the business to validate a hirer’s identity and driver entitlement to drive against the need to expedite the process of hiring the vehicle out and getting the customer on his/her way as quickly as possible – particularly during peak times. Nobody wants to make life easy for fraudsters who cost this marketplace many millions of pounds, but nor do perfectly legitimate customers want to be subjected to time consuming and lengthy vetting processes.

One solution is to find a way to capture data quickly and accurately from the plastic driving licence presented to the hiring company by the driver and in the same process to carry out simple repeatable checks to identify obviously forged or tampered with documents. The Licence CDR (Card Data Reader) does just this. It achieves this in a single process. All that driver is required to do is to drop their photo card into the device reader. The licence will be scanned (both sides) with the information being read from the card and checked using infra-red and ultraviolet light technology for security watermarks and conformity to the issuing Government standard. This new service can also link to a webcam to capture a photo image of the driver at the point of hire.

The driver data captured includes all the vital information required from their driving licence, which can be transferred to internal systems and databases to form part of a customer record. The CDR will scan and read over 2000 UK, EU and international licence types.

Where a GB licence is scanned, a mandate form can be produced as part of the same closed operation for signature by the driver. This can then be used to perform a real time check against their licence number at the DVLA to confirm licence validity and any endorsements and penalty points.

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