Driving Licence Photocard CDR (Card Data Reader)

Licence CDR: Product Description

Licence Check Building

One of the perennial problems with busy fleet and registration desks, transport hubs or induction days is that the work processes are never conveniently spread over the whole day. Instead there tends to be a pattern of busy periods, interspersed with quieter periods. This work pattern is unlikely to change over time, so the obvious solution is to try to find ways to work smarter to clear any queues faster without compromising on data quality or security.

The Licence Check Phototcard CDR reader is compact and robust. It is powered by a simple USB cable. The Software to drive the reader is installed locally on a PC to be configured by the administrator or manager for their own use or use by their drivers.

A single process scans and reads a photo card sized ID1 card (CPC, Tachocard or ID card). CDR lifts the information from the card and can upload this data automatically to our services. Furthermore, this same process checks the card’s hidden security features and even captures the photo images and holograms present that can be stored as part of the driver engagement – all in a matter of seconds!

What’s more, this process can be consistently repeated time and time again with the assurance that the CDR device does not get distracted or forget details! The service uses a template reference library of literally hundreds of document types. It knows the difference between a UK, EU or International driving licence or ID Card – even if the manager doesn’t. No knowledge or experience is required.

The data captured by the CDR reader can be written to other databases as part of the data capture process (where required) or in the case of our own clients, this service is used and link to our LICENCECHECK & davis platforms and services as a single process. The benefit of linking directly to our services and systems means we can automatically produce a driver D796 mandate consent form or invoke digital e-consent in order to allow a real time licence check to be made against the captured driver details. This confirms the validity of the information provided and the driving entitlements, convictions and penalty points – in a rapid and effective manner as a closed management process.

  • Scans and authenticates a plastic photo card, CPC & Tachocard in seconds
  • Reads both sides simultaneously
  • Reads UK, EU, EEA & international licences and ID cards
  • OCR recognition software captures data on document which can be written to database.
  • Captures picture from document for storage
  • Captures and checks the security features in the document using ‘Red & White’ light technologies
  • Validates the format and features of a card against official government templates and standards
  • Links to our enhanced licence checking and davis service to produce mandates/e-consent
  • Allows checks on validity and entitlement for GB licences
  • Will also work with Driver Qualification Cards and Digital Tacho Cards
  • Double sided scanning
  • Data and image capture in single pass
  • Anti-forgery detection
  • Captures Licence/ID Card hologram image
  • Checks over 2000 different licences and ID cards issued by Governments around the world including the UK, EU, EEA
  • Links to the LICENCECHECK and davis service
  • Easy to use – minimal training requirement
  • Allows accurate capture of card image and data on card – saves time and improves accuracy.
  • Validates card security features – helps identify forged documentation.
  • Reads virtually any driving licence – suitable for international card validity checks
  • Captures driver data to LICENCECHECK (or any other) database accurately – saves time
  • Allows large numbers of cards to be processed in short time.
  • Can use webcam to capture driver/applicant image for visual check against image on document – extra validation check (optional).
  • Links to real time driving licence checking service for GB drivers – allows validity and entitlement to be checked in real time as part of virtually seamless process.
  • Supports both mandates and e-consent when linked to LICENCECHECK and davis services as part of a closed process.
  • Repeatable check – consistent quality of result irrespective of numbers processed.
  • Also captures data from Driver CPC and Tacho Cards for drivers of trucks, buses and coaches. This data can be uploaded to LICENCECHECK to form part of driver record.
  • Data and images uploaded to LICENCECHECK / davis service to form part of driver record.
  • Supports UK, EU, EEA and international licence formats. Helps prevent fraud.
  • Also supports EU, EEA and international ID Cards for extra security