What is a D796 Form?

All businesses and organisations should conduct licence checks on their staff who drive for the company on a regular basis. We can't emphasise the importance of this enough. However, in order to do this lawfully it is imperative that the driver provides consent. The driver record held at the DVLA contains personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act and is therefore subject to controls.

As a DVLA licensed provider, we are able to provide you with access to the DVLA driver database using a ‘blanket’ type of consent that can last for up to three years from the date that consent is granted by the driver and allows multiple checks against the DVLA database. This multiple access consent takes the form of a D796 driver mandate. The D796 form can be created through our online portal. Once created in the system, it needs to be printed off and signed (with a wet signature) by the driver. This means that the employee has given you permission to check his licence details.

Once the licence authority, for example the DVLA or DVANI has received the completed mandate form the licence record is then released electronically to the LICENCECHECK service and to the employer's account where it can be viewed.

The D796 Mandate is valid:

    • For a period of 3 years from the date of consent, or
    • Until the driver ceases to drive for the employer (if sooner) or
    • Until they withdraw their consent (if sooner) or
    • Until they cease employment.

Licence Check Sample D796 Mandate Consent Form

In the example D796 mandate shown above, the employer’s details need to be inserted in section 1 and the driver’s details completed in section 2 and a signature and date appended in section 4. The good news is that where the driver’s details have been entered into LICENCECHECK (either typed, or the information imported from a spreadsheet or HR system) the mandate can be printed out with these fields already completed. This helps to ensure that the information is (a)correct and accurately spelt and legible and (b) it saves time and means the driver only has to sign and date the document for it to be completed.

The mandate is not effective unless it is signed and dated by the driver. Once completed, it can then be uploaded to the LICENCECHECK service for checking and processing, faxed to our offices or sent through the post. The bar code printed on the form is a unique code that matches the driver mandate document to their electronic record. A mandate uploaded to the LICENCECHECK Service will typically be checked and authorised within about half an hour (during office hours). As soon as it is authorised a licence check request for the driver will be sent to the DVLA service and the results returned and displayed within your account in less than 10 seconds.

For an even faster service available 24/7/365 visit our page in regards to E-Consent.

LICENCECHECK does not claim to be a licensing authority or Government Agency such as the DVLA or DVANI. LICENCECHECK is an independent and commercial organisation for profit that offers this service and other driver related checking facilities such as grey fleet management to corporate clients who have a legitimate interest in checking the driving licences of their employees and/or contractor or members of the public to whom vehicles are loaned or hired.

We do not provide individual driving licence checking facilities or services to members of the public.