Integration Partnership

LICENCECHECK have a full API and supporting documentation available that will allow your own programmers or contractors to call the driving licence checking function (and others) using web services from within your application.

The Integration Partner option allows the licence checking process and results to be an integral part of your own existing client offering in terms of its ‘look and feel’. Calling the service will appear seamless to users and the results will be returned to your application for processing and display through our secure connection to the DVLA web services.

Our solution uses Microsoft .Net in C# environment with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technologies for portability and ease of integration. To make the whole process of integration quicker, more convenient (and cost efficient) we can even offer ready-to-go components such as an e-consent module that will simply plug in, work first time and save hours of development.

Any Hosting Requirement or Minimum Commitment?

The licence checking service that will be called by your application is hosted by Licence Check and links directly to the DVLA web service using a dedicated secure link. Enquires to the DVLA and the results returned will be managed by our servers.

The usual minimum requirements for Integration Partners is a minimum of 1,000 licence checks per annum, but this is negotiable. A partner price and any accelerated performance related discounts will be agreed at the start of our relationship.

There is a £99.00 + VAT charge for an SSL Certificate for your sub-domain. There are no further hidden or additional charges for support during the development phase.


  • Fully functional API for quick and effective integration. Minimises development resource requirement in terms of both time and cost.
  • Component module for e-consent available to provide specific functionality with reduced development cycle.
  • Offers control over functionality and interaction within the main application. Your client remains within your application rather than being sent to an external service.
  • You retain a direct relationship with your end users. There is no sharing of your customer database with an external service provider or with Licence Check.
  • There is a sensible minimum commitment. This allows you to build your market organically without a large initial cash outlay.
  • Uses a secure link to access the DVLA driver records. Offers peace of mind with reference to your own system integrity.
  • Will allow ‘real-time’ or batch results to be returned. Allows your own clients to make decisions about how the solution should work based upon their own risk profiles.
  • Generates a worthwhile additional revenue stream for the channel partner.
  • Current development plans mean that further complimentary products will become available to add to the portfolio and present additional upselling opportunities.
  • Allows the channel partner to present a ‘one-stop-shop’ to their client base.
  • Supports paper based mandate and e-signature with real-time access to DVLA systems. In the latter case this speeds up the retrieval of driver data to sub-second returns subject to infrastructure.
  • Uses secure service. Licence Check are ISO 27001:2013 accredited so your clients can rest easy on the security of their driver records.

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