COVID-19 Our latest response

We are seeing a rise in driver registration in line with the reported increase in driver recruitment from within certain sectors including supermarkets, food service and delivery and major online retailers. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have outlined our recommended process for onboarding new drivers to help keep your workforce safe whilst remaining compliant by carrying out the required checks.


E-Approval – first choice for driver registration

E-Approval is our recommended process during this time.  It ensures that both drivers and managers can complete the onboarding service digitally without any face to face interaction or contact.

However, we do appreciate that this method requires the driver to have a unique email address and given that some drivers won’t have their own business email addresses (and may be reluctant to use their own personal email addresses), we have adapted the On-Site method as an alternative to E-Approval.


On-Site – to be used when E-Approval is impossible or impractical

On-Site is available to all users of DAVIS and is the quickest and simplest method to activate to accommodate temporary, agency drivers or new employees.

In order to make this as safe as possible, we have adapted the On-Site process to ensure there is no personal contact and the required distance can be retained for the DAVIS user and the driver and caution is applied when handling the driver’s licence.

You can view our reviewed On-Site procedure when logged into DAVIS. 

Should you require any support, we're here to help. Contact us at or 0330 660 7101.