View My Driving Licence Service

The DVLA has started a new 'view your driving licence' information service where you can find out which vehicles you can drive, the amount of penalty points you have on your licence and when your drivng licence expries. 

All you need to do to gather this data is to:

  • Go to the GOV.UK website
  • Search for 'driving licence information'
  • Click 'View Now' and enter your driving licence number, national insurance number and your postcode. 

After following these steps, your details should appear on screen. It tells you your licence details such as how long it is valid for and the licence issue number. 

It tells you what types of vehicle you can drive, provisionally drive and how long until that entitlement expires.

Finally, it states if you have any penalty points and disqualifications on your driving licence, the offence code you committed and how many penalty points you recieved for doing so. 

The video below shows how the system works and how it looks when it generates your information.

**Note: This is for checking your own individual licence only**

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