Solution Partner (White Labelling)

LICENCECHECK have developed a full client web portal environment as a ‘plug-in-and-go’ solution to allow your own branding and corporate look and feel to be present (similar to a ‘White Label’ service) without the development overhead associated with the Integration Partner relationship.

There is no internal development requirement needed by the agent to offer this service. This white label solution will allow the licence checking process and results to be available by a secure SSL and agreed subdomain URL of our existing web portal (

Any Hosting Requirement or Minimum Commitment?

The service is fully hosted and maintained by Licence Check Ltd.

The usual minimum commitment for the Solution Partner relationship is 500 licence checks per annum, but this is negotiable. A partner price and any accelerated performance related discounts will be agreed at the start of our relationship.

There are no further charges for support or training except the cost of the annual SSL certificate of £99.00 + VAT for your chosen sub domain.


  • Adds functionality to your own product offering.
  • Competitive discounted supply price provides Solution Partners with attractive incremental revenues and margin. 
  • Fully functional licence checking service for managing ordinary and vocational entitlement.
  • Easily and quickly implemented at minimum cost: a painless but cost effective way of offering the service to your client base.
  • Allows channel partner to offer a ‘badged’ service. Supports reseller’s own product branding.
  • No management overhead. The product is hosted, maintained and supported by Licence Check.
  • Flexible enough to cope with client requirements. The product has been developed to support locational and departmental hierarchies and reporting requirements as well as providing standard form reports.
  • Profiles drivers according to your own customer’s driver risk requirements.
  • The one implementation supports multiple client accounts and provides user access 24/7.
  • There is a sensible minimum commitment. The initial outlay can be controlled whilst the client user base grows and develops.
  • The Solution Partner relationship keeps direct contact with the end user, but ensures that if second line support is required, the client can be referred to the Licence Check Customer Support Team.
  • Real-time capability. Allows your clients to make immediate decisions based upon their own risk profiles.
  • Offers a growth path. Driving licence checks form part of a suite of service offered by Licence Check under the DAVIS brand that can also be used to promote and develop upselling opportunities with associated increases in partner revenues.
  • Licence Check will provide training, support materials and information to support Channel Partners. This should ensure that partners are able to sell the service to their own client base and generate a worthwhile additional revenue stream.
  • Supports e-signature (real-time) as well as paper based consent processes. This speeds up the retrieval of driver data but allows for a fall-back position where e-signature cannot be used.
  • Secure. Licence Check are ISO 27001:2013 accredited and use a secure connection to the DVLA service.

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