Fleet Vehicle Management - check, record, store Register, check and manage company owned or leased fleet vehicles with DAVIS

Keeping track of company owned or leased vehicles can be complicated, particularly when different data sources are involved. DAVIS Fleet File is an entry level fleet data solution which consolidates vehicle registration information helping you to gain an overview of your fleet at any one time.

Fleet File also stores business-critical documents such as fleet insurance policies and any relevant company policies such as drink/drug use at work and driving whilst using a mobile phone.

Why is this beneficial? We believe in keeping things in one place, and having the ability to record incidents or accidents against a vehicle along with the finer details of the insurance claim is such an important factor when managing fleet vehicles.

Record accidents with DAVIS Fleet File

Fleet File has recently been updated to include a new accident management function which records the date, time and location of an accident and provides enhanced dashboard reporting to include recent accidents and accident severity. It also enables you to record the insurance claim history and issues reminders for any open accidents and/or any outstanding issues as well as providing an upload facility for images of vehicle damage.

As DAVIS is a driver centric system, accidents can be assigned to a named driver and the associated risk calculated thus enhancing an individual's Driver Risk Score. 

DAVIS Fleet File

  • Checks vehicle information including tax and MOT
  • Records critical vehicle information including age of vehicle, CO2 emissions, engine size and other V5C data using vehicle registration number
  • Stores insurance policy details via document upload feature
  • Records incidents and accidents and assigns associated risk to a driver
  • Empowers organisations to minimise corporate risk, streamline processes and be legally compliant
  • Provides a clear audit trail to demonstrate the employer is addressing statutory obligations
  • Mileage recording prompts
  • Service interval checks
  • Road-worthiness check

How will it improve efficiency?

  • Simple, concise dashboard flagging vehicles which need attention
  • Automatic calendar notifications and warnings
  • Fleet vehicle information stored in one place, minimising administration


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