Driver Assessment & Learning

Looking for ways to improve driver safety? DAVIS E-Learning assesses driver attitude and behaviour creating a personalised digital training program.

Putting driver safety first

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities to be undertaken at work, yet for most, it is a task that doesn’t require any additional training. With 1 in 4 road traffic accidents involving someone who is driving for work, it is essential that businesses prioritise attitude, behaviour and wellbeing of drivers.

In partnership with road safety charity IAM Roadsmart, a fully customised training programme has been developed to improve driver safety. Driver E-Learning is suitable for any organisation that allows employees to drive on business and provides an opportunity to further minimise exposure to corporate risk by addressing driver attitude and behaviour.

Access to the learning hub is entirely digital so provides flexibility for those working remotely. Once invited, employees will take an initial assessment to determine the driving areas requiring further training, following which a series of online training modules will be prescribed for the employee to complete the learning journey.

In addition to the prescribed learning journey, organisations will have full access to the entire suite of 20+ driving modules which can be turned on and off as required.

Davis Screen Elearning Dashboard

What DAVIS E-Learning does


Profiles driver risk

Each driver completes an assessment to identify whether they are low, medium or high risk giving you a very quick overview of your driver database


Identifies high risk drivers

You can provide additional support to the drivers that need it, rather than adopting a one fits all approach


Amalgamates assessment results into a driver’s risk score

Driver risk score is further enhanced giving you a more sophisticated view of risk


Prescribes a learning journey

Each driver receives access to a number of training modules to complete to improve their overall attitude and behaviour which will help to improve your overall fleet risk


Provides access to a digital learning library

You will have access to a wealth of professional training modules on a wide range of topics from driving in cities to adverse weather to drink and drug driving for a small fee per driver


Provides evidence

You may benefit from fleet insurance savings by demonstrating that you are doing more to minimise driver risk


Driver direct communications

Once the driver is invited, there is little management required as completion of the automated programme is driven by DAVIS


Promotes a safer driver network

This programme not only prioritises driver safety, it also helps to improve driver wellbeing

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We don’t just digitise the process, we expose risk and help you action it.

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