DAVIS E-Learning Putting driver safety first

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities to be undertaken at work, yet for most, it is a task that doesn’t require any additional training. With 1 in 4 road traffic accidents involving someone who is driving for work, it is essential that businesses prioritise attitude, behaviour and wellbeing of drivers. 

In partnership with road safety charity IAM Roadsmart, a new service has been developed to improve driver safety and is now available within DAVIS.  Driver E-Learning is suitable for any organisation that allows employees to drive on business and provides an opportunity to further minimise exposure to corporate risk by addressing driver attitude and behaviour.

Access to the learning hub is entirely digital so provides flexibility for those working remotely. Once invited, employees will take an initial assessment to determine the driving areas requiring further training, following which a series of online training modules will be prescribed for the employee to complete the learning journey.

In addition to the prescribed learning journey, organisations will have full access to the entire suite of 20+ driving modules which can be turned on and off as required.



DAVIS E-Learning

  • Personalised sequence of E-Learning modules covering a wide range of subjects
  • Initial driver induction assessment analyses attitude and behaviour
  • Following results of the induction assessment, drivers are provided with a personalised learning journey to complete
  • 20+ modules available covering areas such as driving in cities, adverse weather conditions, road rage, speed awareness and many more
  • Driver direct communications for a seamless approach requiring little intervention
  • Full access to the E-Learning hub available throughout the life of the subscription


Benefits to you 

  • Provides greater visibility of driver risk within your company by rapidly profiling the risk of your drivers as high, medium or low
  • Identifies drivers requiring further support and in-car training
  • Results of the assessment are attributed to a driver’s individual risk score
  • Guaranteed reduction in driver risk score following introduction of the E-Learning Programme
  • Promotes a safer driver network
  • Helps to protect the safety of employees and members of the public


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