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Gaining Driver Permission 3 years on from GDPR

It's almost 3 years since the introduction of the GDPR which can only mean one thing... it's time to start the permission acquisition process all over again. Our blog outlines what has changed since 2018 and how to prepare to gain consent from your drivers effectively and ahead of time.

Single Sign On now available for enhanced efficiency and security within DAVIS

The latest update to the DAVIS driver and vehicle risk management platform is the introduction of its Single Sign On (SSO) framework which improves efficiency and security for end-users.

Switching Licence Checking Providers (Questions to ask)

Too much effort to change software providers? Think again. It’s easy to feel ‘locked in’ to a particular provider, particularly when that provider is delivering a service critical to your business.

When (and when not to) use the View/Share My Licence service

We examine the history of the DVLA View/Share My Licence, how it works and the potential pitfalls of using the service to manage driving compliance.

New cycling policy will require fleet planning

New Government cycling policy designed to increase the incidence of cycling to work across the UK could require careful planning by fleet decision-makers to fit the proposals within their fleet policies and ensure they are fully risk-assessed and compliant.

Save on fleet costs with safer drivers

Managing driver risk well not only helps to promote a safer driver network within your organisation, it will also ensure that you are extending your duty of care to members of the public as well as your employees in accordance with the HSE. But did you know that having safer drivers is likely to contribute to a reduction in fleet costs?

Education Hub

Would you like to continue learning about driving compliance and legislation. Our Knowledge Hub features a range of free resources to help bring you up to speed.

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