Driver Licence Checks

Whether you prefer to check on a schedule or recheck according to risk, DAVIS Licence Check can be set up to automate your driver checks helping to minimise driving risk.

The smarter way to check driving licences

The DAVIS Licence Check solution allows companies to stay on top of employee driving licence eligibility, reducing driver risk and fulfilling duty of care. Take the worry out of driver licence checking with automated checks on an employee’s driving licence with specific parameters set by you. Licence checking is becoming increasingly important for businesses with employees that drive on work-related business – DAVIS makes the driver licence checking process simple, with a slick, quick and easy to use system.

Whether you wish to check all of your drivers every 3 months, or you check the drivers that are flagged as ‘high risk’ more often, ours is a flexible platform to fit in with your needs. Unsure how often you should be checking your driver’s licences? Take a look at our blog, ‘How Often Should I Check An Employee’s Driving Licence?’.

Davis Licence Check Summary Dashboard

What DAVIS Licence Check does


Checks the driving licences of your employees, contractors and agency staff

Results are visible in seconds thanks to our super fast, secure link which analyses data from the DVLA


Gains the legally required data permission to access the driver record

With 6 ways to gain permission, we promise to make the permission process as painless as possible


Provides real time information in a simple, easy to understand visual dashboard

You don’t have to trawl through spreadsheets or reports to access what you need – we present the actionable highlights front and centre. You also have full access to all the data whenever you need it


Scores your drivers low to high

We do more than just check the licences, we score your drivers based on licence results so that higher risk drivers can be checked more frequently if required


Warns you of upcoming risk

If your driver has picked up new points following a check, we’ll notify you of the change in risk


Sets reminders for tasks

There’s no need to set manual reminders to recheck a driver – our platform will keep on notifying you until the task is complete


Provides online and telephone support during office hours and access to our knowledge base

We’re only a phonecall or an instant message away if you get stuck using DAVIS. Support tutorials are available 24-7 should you need refresher training, or have a new member of staff to train


Digitises your driving for work compliance processes

No more spreadsheets, or holding data across various sources – DAVIS has it all in a single platform. You’ll notice a significant decrease in administrative tasks and manual processes when switching to DAVIS


Automates your tasks

Never miss a check… We always try and automate tasks without requiring intervention. DAVIS will continue to check your drivers (if permission still valid) until you tell us not to meaning your compliance is never compromised.


Analyses and reports on your data

No need to request a report, you have full access to our report suite. If you’re looking for something more bespoke, we have the in house capability to add this to your account for a small development charge.


Integrates with your in house systems

API options are available for a seamless connected service.

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