Grey Fleet Checks

No matter how short the distance or how infrequent the journey, if an employee drives their own vehicle for work it is your responsibility to check the MOT, road tax and insurance. DAVIS Grey Fleet Management automates these essential checks for you.

Keeping your Grey Fleet in check...

… because if a vehicle is being driven for work purposes, it needs to be checked, irrespective of ownership.

The DAVIS Grey Fleet Management solution allows companies to easily manage their drivers and vehicles, reducing corporate risk and keeping businesses on the right side of the law. Grey Fleet Management is essential for organisations with employees that drive their own vehicles on work-related business. This could be a Sales rep that drives regularly to client sites, or an office staff member who occasionally drives to the Post Office for work – both are classed as business drivers and they, and the vehicles they’re driving need to be checked accordingly.

We’ve written a blog to help understand Grey Fleet itself, and some of the more intricate details that it includes, ’10 Things You Need to Know About… Grey Fleet Management’.

Our Grey Fleet Management service is an easy to use software service which communicates with the driver directly, streamlining the process and ensuring you’re addressing your legal responsibilities.

Davis Greyfleet Summary Dashboard

What DAVIS Grey Fleet Management does


Communicates with drivers directly to complete the necessary checks

Relieves you of the heavy administrative burden of chasing drivers, checking vehicle information and managing a database


Accepts or rejects grey fleet vehicles based on your company policy

Gives you control over the vehicles that are driven for work, particularly when a car allowance is in use. You can restrict certain vehicles that don’t comply with your company policy and rules can be set to restrict certain vehicle type, age and CO2 output for example


Automated weekly vehicle checks - including vehicle tax and MOT

No need to manually check if a vehicle driven for work is tax’d or MOT’d – the software seamlessly checks each and every week


Records compliance-critical vehicle information

With our auto vehicle look up you only need to key in the registration number and all the relevant vehicle information is looked up and stored in DAVIS


Stores recommended service intervals, reminding drivers when a service is due

Helping drivers to maintain their vehicles properly by prompting them to get their vehicle serviced


Checks insurance documents to verify that the driver is insured to drive their own vehicle for work purposes (optional extra)

Checking an insurance policy can take up valuable time – our Support team know what to look for and can verify the insurance to ensure the correct cover is in place


Assists drivers to carry out essential, basic vehicle checks such as tyre tread, tyre pressure, fluid and wipers

Ensures your drivers take responsibility for checking their vehicles before a work journey. Various settings available in order for it to complement your driving for work policy


Enables document upload

Your drivers can quickly and easily upload their insurance policy into DAVIS for further checking, reducing time spent emailing and storing files manually


Warns you of risk

If a vehicle is at high risk due to an expired MOT, insurance or out of date Road Tax, you’ll be notified so that you can take the necessary action


Digitises your driving for work compliance processes

No more spreadsheets, or holding data across various sources – DAVIS has it all in a single platform. You’ll notice a significant decrease in administrative tasks and manual processes when switching to DAVIS


Analyses and reports on your data

No need to request a report, you have full access to our report suite. If you’re looking for something more bespoke, we have the in house capability to add this to your account for a small development charge

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We don’t just digitise the process, we expose risk and help you action it.

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