CPC & Tachocard data is now available via LICENCECHECK

Here at LICENCECHECK we're excited to bring you news that certain Tacho and CPC data is now available when accessing the LICENCECHECK portal, enabling customers to carry out enhanced licence checks on their drivers. This represents a significant breakthrough for the fleet industry and will help to reduce Operator risk by ensuring compliance with driver qualification check requirements under their “O” licence and voluntary scheme accreditations.  

What does this mean for customers?

Customers operating large goods vehicles, buses and coaches, or mixed fleets who wish to take advantage of the new data sets will need to get their drivers to sign a new consent form or provide new e-consent that includes permission from the driver to access the Tacho and CPC information. Without this revised consent, the DVLA data fields will not be available.  

The new consent/mandate is available now and can be used:

  • to replace any expired consent; or
  • for any new drivers; or
  • to update any existing unexpired ‘old style’ mandates or e-consent that is unexpired. 

Signing or agreeing to the new mandate will start the 3 year consent period running anew from the date consent is given so it is well worth carrying out a 'consent refresh' of all drivers to ensure the neccessary permissions are in place.

Once the consent is updated to allow CPC and tacho data to be accessed, customers of LICENCECHECK and davis will be able to view and instantly upload the following data. This will avoid the need for an additional manual update, helping to reduce the time taken to carry out the check and streamline the entire process. 

What new DVLA information can be accessed?

The additional data fields are as follows:

Tacho Card

  • Card Status
  • Unique ID Number
  • Issue From Date
  • Valid To Date


  • Date of Issue (Valid From)
  • LGV Expiry Date
  • PCV Expiry Date

LICENCECHECK and davis customers can now benefit from this additional service now, without any extra cost.

For futher information, please get in touch:

E support@licencecheck.co.uk

T: 0330 660 7102