The Latest News and Updates In The Driving Industry

  • Tips and Advice For Safe and Legal Loading of Vans

    Tips and Advice For Safe and Legal Loading of Vans

    Safe loading Vans are very easy to overload and the penalties are severe if caught. Spotting an overloaded van isn’t difficult and the … more

  • Licence Check Eco Driving Checklist


    Interesting stats from a recent Direct Line study showed that ‘bad’ drivers could be spending up to £50 more at the pumps each month. Using … more

  • 'Urgent Action' Needed To Improve Young Driver Safety

    Action Is Needed Urgently To Improve Young Driver Safety

    According to a new report to tackle the risks faced by young drivers, zero tolerance should become the norm on drink driving, additional … more

  • Drivers Who Kill Could Face Life Sentences

    Drivers who kill could face life sentences

    Dangerous drivers who cause death by speeding, street racing, reckless driving or distracted by a mobile phone could be treated in a similar way to those … more

  • Is FOMO Influencing Dangerous Driving?

    Is the 'Fear Of Missing Out' factor influencing dangerous driving?

    Drivers who use their mobile phones whilst behind the wheel is becoming more and more of an increasing problem - is it because … more