The Latest News and Updates In The Driving Industry

  • Tips for Driving in Austria

    Tips for Driving in Austria

    Austria; home to Mozart, the iconic Alps, and the world’s largest emerald (2860 carats, to be exact!) It’s a beautiful country which offers the best of breath- … more

  • Driving Licence Changes - No More Counterpart!

    No more driving licence counterpart

    As of June 2015, the driving counterpart will no longer be issued with the photocard driving licence. This is another development coming through the pipeline at … more

  • Say Goodbye To The Tax Disc

    Tax disc is abolished!

    It used to sit in the corner of your windscreen every day as you went on your travels to work. Now, after today, the tax disc will no longer be visible on your vehicle. … more

  • Apple iWatch- Another Distraction For Drivers?

    New apple i-watch coming to the UK

    Last week saw the official annoucement of another new piece of technology: The Apple iWatch. This new fashionable accessory which launches in 2015 will be a … more

  • You Won't Believe These 9 Ludicrous Laws of the Road

    Bizzare laws of the road

    Driving abroad can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to remember to drive on the other side of the road but strange road signs, different etiquette and unusual roads … more

  • Do You Offer Your Company Fleet Driver Training?

    What Are The Benefits Of Driver Training?

    According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, a survey of 350 business drivers have never been offered driver training and 44% of them said they would … more

  • Are Your Drivers Insured To Drive On Company Business?

    Are your drivers insured to drive on company business?

    Do you sometimes send your staff out in their own cars to fetch supplies or take items to the post office?  If so and they were involved … more

  • What Do You Know About Penalty Points (Endorsements)?

    Endorsement Details and Penalty Points - What You Need To Know.

    Throughout the year, drivers will commit a series of offences that will significantly lead to penalty points being endorsed onto their … more