The Latest News and Updates In The Driving Industry

  • Survey Highlights Support For New Driver Restrictions

    Brake survey highlights support for new driver restrictions

    35% of respondents to a new survey believe that newly qualified drivers should have their licence revoked if they break any traffic … more

  • Most Drivers Say Traffic Is Biggest Driving Frustration

    Seven in ten drivers say that traffic jams are the biggest driving frustration

    Time wasted in traffic and searching for parking spaces are among British drivers' most common frustrations when on the … more

  • Figures Reveal 8,600 Dangerous Drivers On UK Roads

    Shocking figures reveal 8,600 dangerous drivers on Britain's roads

    New figures show almost 8,600 potentially dangerous drivers are on Britain's roads.

    The data, released by the DVLA, reveals that … more

  • Speeding Lie Leads to Jail Term For Motorist

    Speeding lie leads to prison time for motorist

    Police have warned motorists not to be fooled by anyone promising they can make speeding fines disappear for a fee, after a woman was jailed for … more

  • UK Developing Digital Driving Licence

    DVLA are working on developing digitial driving licences

    The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are working on a smartphone version of the UK driving licence. 

     Oliver Morley, … more

  • Government To Make Changes To Practical Driving Test

    Government set to make changes to the practical driving test

    The Government is set to make changes to the practical driving test in a bid to ensure it relfects the modern driving experience.  … more

  • "Stressalyser" Shows When Drivers Are Upset Or Texting

    'Stressalyser' which picks up when drivers are upset or texting in development

    A device which warms motorists when they are too upset to drive safely or picks up when they are texting, is being … more

  • Motorists Caught Drug Driving Reaches New High

    British motorists caught drug driving reaches new high as figures reveal rise

    Drug-driving charges soared by more than 100 percent last year as Brit motorists caught under the influence reached new … more

  • Campaign Delivers 'Drink Drive' Reminder To Footy Fans

    Morning after campaign delivers 'morning after' reminder to footy fans for Euro 2016

    The latest phase of the Morning After campaign will deliver a morning after drink drive reminder to football fans … more

  • Mobile Phone Use Behind The Wheel Still High

    Illegal mobile phone use at the wheel is still rife, according to a survey

    Illegal mobile phone us is still rife, with 64% of motorists saying that in the last hour they spent driving they saw at … more