National Express West Midlands

National Express

Client: National Express West Midlands

Industry: Bus Operator

Fleet size: 1600

Fleet type: Buses and coaches

Drivers: 5500

DAVIS services used: Licence Check

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Leading international public transport provider, National Express, has seen major benefits in licence checking and risk management since implementing our award-winning DAVIS service to its UK drivers.

In the UK, National Express West Midlands is the market leader in the largest urban bus market outside of London. With a fleet of over 1,600 buses, National Express employs over 5,500 bus drivers across nine garages.

They had previously used another licence checking system which involved a large degree of manual intervention and proved very difficult to integrate with its internal audit processes.

The DAVIS platform is much faster, more streamlined and hassle-free, with a variety of methods for onboarding drivers, including electronic card readers, and providing dashboard-style management information reporting to see at a glance those areas requiring attention.

Crucially, our software also helps National Express to easily identify where driver improvement is needed to reduce risk, with individual training and coaching provided to support driver development.

Jenny Tocknell, Head of Operational Safety and Compliance for National Express West Midlands said the DAVIS system had made the management of driver risk much more streamlined, efficient and effective.

“We have had very positive feedback regarding the benefits of the platform from users, including the Unite union, individual drivers and system administrators. Depot supervisors have been very complimentary about DAVIS, especially when compared with the previous system which was rated as not being user friendly and required heavy, time-consuming administrative interventions”.

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“DAVIS is very easy to use and gives a detailed oversight of our workforce. It allows us to easily identify and reduce risk while supporting the individual needs of our drivers.”

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