Client: ServerSys

Industry: Business Solutions

Fleet size: n/a

Fleet type: Fleet and consumer test drives

Drivers: Test drivers

DAVIS services used: Licence Check

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Berkshire-based business solutions provider ServerSys has integrated DAVIS into the leading CRM and workflow management platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Apps, to provide users with a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way to check drivers before test drives take place.

The Reading-based company works with leading motor manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda to provide a range of business solutions, including the ability to book and manage test drives with potential new car buyers, thereby streamlining workflow processes.

By integrating DAVIS into Dynamics 365 or Power Apps, Serversys can deliver licence checks via DAVIS directly from within the CRM interface.

The first major customer to go live with the new system is Toyota GB, which is employing it for its entire 180-strong dealer network to manage demonstrator bookings and driver licence verification. Talks are also currently ongoing with other prospective clients.

Serversys sales director Rodney Green said: “Our DAVIS integration is primarily designed for car dealers who want to improve the cost-effective handling of demo requests from fleet or consumer customers.

“However, this solution can be implemented by any customer using a Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Power Apps solution that would benefit from integrating licence checks within the vehicle demonstration processes. This could include vehicle manufacturers, car rental companies, auction houses, and racing circuits.

“This new automated licence checking process replaces manual verification, reducing the admin burden and cost, and provides a quicker experience for the driver while ensuring credentials are checked accurately and effectively, thus reducing the risk of liability and simplifying demonstrator management,” he added.

Serversys uses an API to connect Dynamics 365 or other model-driven Power Apps with DAVIS, the country’s leading licence-checking platform, to confirm if a valid licence check has recently been completed. If not, an email request can be sent to the named driver from Dynamics 365 via DAVIS.

Within the system, users can monitor the status of the licence checking process, which may show, for example, that the check is approved, pending, incomplete or declined by the driver, instantaneously providing the user with a demo approval or decline status.

Rules for automatic approval, or rejection, can be defined by each client; for example, the number of penalty points, specific endorsements or newly issued licences may trigger a rejection if required.

The process can also use a combination of CRM data linked to the proposed vehicle model for the demo, which could identify, for example, any younger drivers precluded from driving a high-performance demonstrator.

Licence Check managing director, Keith Allen commented: “By integrating DAVIS within Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft Business Applications, Serversys ensures that drivers have had a thorough check of their licences before a test drive takes place, providing proof of eligibility and reducing the risk of any potential liability.

“For high volume businesses such as vehicle manufacturers, dealer groups or car rental companies, this automated ability to verify the status of drivers’ licences is a sure-fire way to guarantee eligibility with maximum accuracy, reliability and efficiency.”

Licence Check, the company behind the UK’s marketing leading DAVIS platform recently announced that it had, through DAVIS, checked more than 1m licences in a calendar year for the first time in its history according to the latest Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) annual figures, confirming its position as the country’s number one provider of licence checking services.

The Derby-based business, part of the Ebbon Compliance division of the Ebbon Group, recorded a total of 1,030,552 licence checks through the award-winning DAVIS (Driver And Vehicle Information Solution) platform between April 2022 and March 2023, the highest of any licence checking business in the UK and a 21% increase over the previous year.

Find out more about our licence checking, grey fleet and fleet services here. Alternatively please get in touch.

Our DAVIS integration is primarily designed for car dealers who want to improve the cost-effective handling of demo requests from fleet or consumer customers

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