Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University

Client: Staffordshire University

Industry: University

Fleet size: 448

Fleet type: 400 grey fleet, 48 fleet cars, vans, tractors

Drivers: 455

DAVIS services used: Grey Fleet Management, Licence Check, Fleet

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Staffordshire University has been able to achieve compliance assurance around its grey fleet of more than 400 drivers thanks to the DAVIS driver and risk management platform from Licence Check incorporating its Single Sign On (SSO) framework.

As well as university staff using their own vehicles for occupational driving, Staffordshire University, which has around 12,000 students across five campuses, also operates an owned and leased fleet of 24 vehicles, with 18 vans, two ambulances, two tractors, a mowing machine and a car for dignitaries.

Due to the complexity of managing the grey and owned fleet with multiple drivers making frequent trips between the five locations – Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, Shrewsbury, Lichfield and London – Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Sue Emery, put together a successful business case for the introduction of the fully automated DAVIS platform for licence checking and risk management for all vehicles.

The objective was to meet the duty of care requirements and legal compliance associated with running a large grey fleet and its own fleet, and to raise safety awareness, improve efficiency and enhance security for end-users in the process.

Emery said the biggest attraction in implementing the Licence Check solution was its SSO capability, which gives users immediate access to DAVIS as soon as they log on to their computer, removing the need for multiple usernames and passwords for different applications. Simplifying the login makes life easier for employees and promotes enhanced security by reducing the potential for errors.

Other benefits include simplified username and password management, minimisation of password fatigue, improved identity protection and two-factor authentication.

“Without doubt, single sign on has been a key factor in helping raise awareness of the need for frequent checks to be made across our driver pool and in increasing the number of people successfully logging onto the system,” said Emery.

As a result of introducing DAVIS, staff using their own vehicles now have to confirm that they have business class insurance, a valid MOT and road fund licence in addition to having their licence checked.  Drivers are also prompted to carry out regular vehicle roadworthiness checks such as such as tyres, brakes, fluid levels, lights and automotive glass.

All Staffordshire University’s drivers, including all new starters, are onboarded onto DAVIS via an API link between the University staff database and the DAVIS platform, reducing admin time and potential keying errors.

Once all their details are downloaded and they have confirmed they drive for business, a series of email alerts inform drivers when their vehicle insurance, MOT, VED and photocard licence are due for renewal.

“Any exceptions are flagged up in a weekly summary to me, and quarterly I send the reports to the University Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee. The findings are then relayed to the deans and directors of the various schools and professional services so that they can chase up any non-compliant staff,” said Emery.

“This gives me compliance assurance and a visible audit trail that we have fulfilled our duty of care requirements to our drivers and the wider populace,” she added.

Licence Check managing director Keith Allen, commented: “DAVIS SSO  login has become increasingly popular amongst our customer base as it removes the need for multiple passwords for different applications. Once logged on, users can be sent automatic alerts that they need to take some form of action to maintain compliance.”

An additional benefit of SSO users is that it permits the client organisation to access the DAVIS platform from a unique sub domain, branded with its own corporate logo and house style to provide a customised interface for a consistent look and feel.

“This feature is becoming increasingly popular, and SSO is undoubtedly a major enabler in a friction free authentication and security process that, we believe, should become the standard for the industry,” added Allen.

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This gives me compliance assurance and a visible audit trail that we have fulfilled our duty of care requirements to our drivers and the wider populace

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