DAVIS Online Fleet Management Solution

The Driver And Vehicle Information Solution

LICENCECHECK have launched a hosted fleet management solution called DAVIS which offers a one-stop-shop modular approach to allow customers to mix-and-match services and components according to their particular fleet needs.

DAVIS is an easily accessible online service from any device for both drivers and administrators, and is supported by all modern browsers. As a hosted solution, data and information security was a major part of the development cycle so you can be assured that the DAVIS service is properly covered by our existing cyber security infrastructure and processes for ISO27001:2013 & Cyber Security Plus awards.

DAVIS Grey Fleet

DAVIS provides grey fleet customers with a proper, fully functional solution that ensures your corporate vehicle policies can be enforced and that drivers using their own vehicles for company purposes will remain compliant with the corporate duty of care. It includes a powerful autofill capability which populates vehicle details, road fund licence and MOT information automatically (using V5C DVLA data). This ensures that the process of registering the vehicle is fast, accurate and all fields are properly completed. Useful features include prompts and reminders to drivers and managers about important pending expiration dates and any actions to be completed. There is also a news broadcast available to managers and drivers so that important information can be easily transmitted across the fleet and is accessible to individual drivers.

DAVIS DLC (Driving Licence Checking)

DAVIS features a driving licence checking module that provides real time driving licence checking using the DVLA Access to Driver Data service 24/7. The davis licence checking product supports both ordinary and vocational licence holders and offers essentially the same functionality as the LICENCECHECK service, but within the davis integrated platform.

DAVIS Card Reader

DAVIS CDR service (Card Data Reader) complements the davis driving licence checking module in that it provides a fast, convenient and repeatable method of data capturing text, images and information recorded on any ID1 card (this includes UK, EU and International driving licences, as well as a range of CPC cards and digital Tachocard). This service uploads the card data using our internal communications technology, whilst at the same time checking security features built into the card by the relevant issuing authority to validate its authenticity. Where a webcam is available, it is also possible to take a photo image of the driver to be stored in davis that can be compared with the photo image on the card. The CDR Service can cope with up to 2000 different UK, EU & international driving licence formats. For GB licence holders only, DAVIS CDR can link directly to our Driving Licence Check module to record and capture all the driver details and check their record at the DVLA as part of a single closed process.

DAVIS Driver Assessment and Training

Health and Safety legislation and regulations require employers to ensure that their employees are properly qualified to drive and operate plant equipment as well as taking steps to address any additional training needs or take other action where deficiencies in skills are identified. For legislative purposes, a vehicle is considered to fall within the definition of “equipment” under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It is therefore critically important that employers check their employees are qualified to drive (davis driving licence checks) and that their vehicle is reasonably suitable for the purpose (davis FleetCheck™ or Grey Fleet). If there is cause for concern in relation to their driving record or behavior behind the wheel, this must be identified and appropriate steps must be taken to address the problem. davis provides a means of assessing drivers, scoring them in terms high, medium or low risk and recommending appropriate interventions either online or in vehicle.

For more information, visit DAVIS.