What is E-Consent?

This is an alternative way for drivers to provide their employers or other third party suppliers or service providers with consent to check their driver record at the DVLA. The video below explains the process:

The Procedure:

This is broadly as follows:

  1. The employer creates the driver record in their LICENCECHECK account. This consists of providing certain essential personal information together with an e-mail address at which the driver can be contacted and their mobile telephone number (if available).
  2. Clicking a button sends the individual driver an email invitation to provide e-consent. The invitation will identify the employer and explain why they are being contacted. It includes a link for the driver to click on which will take them to their record in the employer’s account.
  3. Once the driver clicks on the link, they will be asked to provide some personal information. This is part of the process of ensuring that the person who clicked on the link is the person to whom the request was sent. The information keyed by the driver to confirm their identity should match the record created by the employer.
  4. Where the personal information is matched, the driver is allowed to proceed and either confirm their mobile number or provide a number.
  5. Once this has been done they will be sent a PIN by SMS. This code has to be keyed into their browser and represents their electronic signature.
  6. The driver will then be asked to confirm their consent. Clicking on the “no” button terminates the process. Clicking on the “yes” button will confirm their consent and instantly kicks off the driving licence check against the DVLA database.

E-Consent is valid:

  • For a period of 3 years from the date of consent, or
  • Until the driver ceases to drive for the employer (if sooner) or
  • Until they withdraw their consent (if sooner) or
  • Until they cease employment.