Driver & vehicle risk management


GKL Leasing and Windsor Vehicle Leasing

GKL Leasing and Windsor Vehicle Leasing provides its clients with access to the award-winning DAVIS (Driver & Vehicle Information Solutions) platform.

This combines robust automated driver licence checking (via the DVLA), together with fleet management elements such as automated VRN Lookup that automatically populates details about your vehicles (including MOT and Road Tax data).

Drivers can be linked with vehicles to facilitate fleet management and compliance. Features include: Insurance Policy management/ Grey Fleet Licence Checking and Grey Fleet Vehicle Management/ HR Notes and Upload Function/ Report Generation/ Claims (Incident) Management/ Risk Management and Profiling including automated remedial Road Knowledge and Driver Aptitude testing.

Additional features developed for GKL& WVL include: Odometer (Mileage) Capture, Service Interval Guidance, and P11D Reporting. Data can also be populated via GKL’s internal systems if required/ GDPR Compliant/ Company Hierarchy and Structure can be easily set up to suit your business.


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