What is grey fleet?

Grey fleet travel refers to mileage undertaken on company time in an employee's own vehicle. This is a grey area, where miles are travelled each year but is often overlooked by employers and employees.

If a driver has elected to use his/her own vehicle for business use, they automatically become a grey fleet driver.

Managing these types of drivers has in the past been significantly time consuming and an administrative burden for people who are involved in this sector.  With no way to actually monitor who is on the road legally, or how safe their vehicle is, it has led to millions of pound fines for companies and in other cases guilty of corporate manslaughter.

Management of grey fleet drivers plays a vital role in supporting health and safety, environmental sustainability and financial efficiency. 

DAVIS - Driver and Vehicle Information Systems

DAVIS - Driver Vehicle and Information Systems

LICENCECHECK has an online grey fleet management software solution to help manage grey fleet drivers for your company, with built-in driving licence checking.

The DAVIS service can let you view, update and control driver information and documents for your company at any time. This ensures your Duty of Care compliance, without having stacks of paperwork to monitor and store.

As an employee, DAVIS offers an easy to use interface making it quick and simple to complete and keeping everything in check in regards to being a grey fleet driver.  The DAVIS service keeps all your documents all in one safe, secure environment and will also send you emails in regards to updating your documents when they are coming up to expiration. 

This service will help you to;

  • Manage your driver's details to ensure that they are legally entitled to drive
  • Monitor documents for grey fleet vehicles such as MOT certificates, insurance documents, tax details and servicing history 
  • Meet legal responsibilities and compliance

DAVIS is entirely paperless and all managed online and as a 3rd party DVLA licence checking service, we are a secure and verified authority.

To view more about this product, please visit DAVIS - The Driver and Vehicle Information System.

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