The short answer is that actually making a start is probably the hardest part. A good beginning is to start gathering information about your fleet and drivers in terms of numbers, requirements, vehicle types etc. Armed with this information, you can then determine your priorities and objectives and take it from there.

We can help by providing an on-line driver assessment questionnaire/survey as a service. Once this is completed and the results collated we can then assist in the preparation of a strategy and action plan according to your objectives and budget. We can take a look at what you already have, and may be able to import existing data from your systems. So it might not be as bad as you fear. Why not contact us and find out?

Our normal model is based on an agreed monthly cost per driver record, although we can change this model to licence the service on a flat company fee or by bandings of driver numbers if this suits the client’s needs better. On the standard model, the monthly fee will increase or decrease as driver numbers change. It’s that simple. Services such as driving licence checks will be at an agreed charge per check. Your company will only be charged for checks consumed/made using the service

For services such as driving licence checking, the data is provided under contract with the DVLA. We maintain a dedicated secure link to their systems in Swansea. Vehicle data is provided under licence from the DVLA and SMMT. MOT and Road Fund Licence information is also provided by the DVLA. Address information uses the Royal Mail Postcode Address File embedded in a third party service. All of our data sources are recognised as the primary and definitive sources of that data.

Until we know a little bit more about the existing situation, it’s difficult to comment. However we do have a number of possible solutions that might make it less painful to take your business elsewhere. For example we have access to card reading equipment that could make creating new mandates and records as simple as dropping the plastic card into a reader (that also checks for forgery). We can also import data into davis to speed things up and batch process registrations to append vehicle data and ensure records are fully populated.

It’s your data. You can download your records and take them with you. We will securely delete your account including any archived data and confirm this in writing.

Absolutely NOT! The whole idea behind davis is that you only take the services you require. It is a mix and match architecture and you choose what you want to mix and match. If you change your mind about certain services later (or want to add them later) you can do so. All we ask is that if you are terminating a service you give us a fair period of notice.

The level of risk that your business is prepared to accept is a matter for you, your directors/shareholders and insurers.  

But it’s worth considering that driving is undeniably the riskiest activity that you and your employees undertake at work each day.  Far more people die on the roads each year than through any other type of industrial accident.   You also owe your employees and the public a duty to ensure that any equipment (and this includes a vehicle – irrespective of ownership) is reasonably fit for the purpose, safe for use on the road and that the driver is properly trained and qualified to use it.  If you’re completely happy that you have this all properly covered then you should be fine.  However bear in mind that fines for breaching health and safety legislation have just been substantially increased: in future they are intended to really hurt directors and shareholders.  

So the stakes have been raised.