Our Driving Licence Checking Software

Do you want to purchase the very best licence checking software? Take a look at the best-selling Licence Check solution. Licence Check Ltd is an established UK company that provides a real-time driving licence checking service using the DVLA Access to Driver Data (ADD) service under the Licence Check brand. The service is hosted on our own secure servers and accesses DVLA data in order to validate a driver’s entitlement to drive, the status of their licence and details of any effective motoring convictions.

At Licence Check, security is of the utmost importance and as such we have taken additional measures to ensure we are best in class when it comes to security. The driver licence checking service accesses data provided under contract from the DVLA. This allows you to manage your driver details in one secure account and significantly save you time, money and protect your company against compliance risk. Additionally, we are also ISO27001 accredited, which means that we comply to rigorous standards, ensuring the data provided is treated sensitively and stored securely. We always aim to meet the high levels of security and data protection that organisations within the public sector require, which is why we are also Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme certified. We offer our clients the very best licence checking software with first class security credentials, making Licence Check the responsible choice.

The Licence Check software solution was created for all businesses, irrespective of industry or size, to carry out the necessary employee driving licence checks quickly and efficiently. All employees who drive on company business must hold a correct and valid driving licence. Since the abolition of the paper counterpart, employers are required to check the driver’s DVLA record. No longer can companies rely on checking the paper document – which many did in the past.

The Licence Check online portal allows employers to check their employee's driving licences instantly, in a dedicated company account, which can be set up to schedule checks which avoids the reliance on someone remembering to carry out a recheck. provided they hold the UK driving licence. If you’re looking for efficiency, efficacy and reassurance, Licence Check is the solution to enhance your compliance responsibilities.

Interesting in learning more? Why not schedule an online demo by calling us on 0330 660 7101. Alternatively, complete the contact form on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss our licence checking software with you.

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