Referral to Licence Check

This shares a number of the features outlined above for Option 2 but the service will be supplied by Licence Check directly to the end user client under our own brand. Licence Check will also provide end user account set-up, end user training, and on-boarding.

The Channel Partner in this case works as a referral agent, qualifying which organisations within their own customer base have an interest in, or might benefit from the Licence Check services. We will log the lead as having been received from the Referral Partner and keep them informed of progress throughout the sales process.

By way of acknowledging the high quality nature of such referrals, Licence Check will pay a fee, based upon an agreed upsell of sales margin. Whilst the vast majority of our channel sales choose either option 1 or 2, we do have partners who wish to remain focussed on their core business, but are happy to make recommendations to their client base.


  • Allows the Channel Partner to obtain revenue with no development, sales, marketing or support requirement on their part. All that is required is a recommendation to be passed to Licence Check. We will do the rest.
  • No minimum annual requirement or obligation on the Partner in terms of the number or referrals or duration of the arrangement (unless of course the partner wants a fixed term).
  • No direct costs associated with the relationship. Licence Check will progress the sale and provide any standard marketing materials requested by the Partner.
  • Licence Check will be happy to refer interested customers to the Channel Partner on the same basis where these customers have expressed an interest in the Partner’s products or services.
  • Offers full product functionality to end users. Includes options for e-consent and traditional paper based driver consent process. Includes full reporting and e-mail messaging for administrators and users. Channel partners can be confident that their customer recommendation will be justified and properly managed by Licence Check.

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