Save on fleet costs with safer drivers

Managing driver risk well not only helps to promote a safer driver network within your organisation, it will also ensure that you are extending your duty of care to members of the public as well as your employees in accordance with the HSE. But did you know that having safer drivers is likely to contribute to a reduction in fleet costs?

Here’s how cost savings can be made:


A lower risk score could justify a reduction in licence rechecking frequency if choosing to recheck based on risk, rather than periodically.


Some insurance providers factor in the preventative measures businesses put in place to improve driver safety when costing up fleet insurance policies.


Businesses that offer their workers additional training and learning as a preventative measure are likely to see a reduction in collisions. Link Contracting, a client of IAM RoadSmart has reported a 50% reduction in collisions since incorporating E-Learning into their driver risk strategy.


Whilst insurance costs and repair bills are visible, there are additional costs associated with collisions that are rarely recorded. Loss of personnel through injury or ill-health, the cost of replacement or hire vehicles and then there are the hours lost dealing with the above that contribute to a far larger financial impact.


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The bigger the picture, the larger the reward

The picture is much bigger than the view of an individual driver risk score. Taking into consideration the wider cost savings that can be gained when adding E-Learning gives your driver risk strategy much more weight.


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