Employee Driver Licence Checking 

Our Licence Checking service will:

  • Validate every UK driving licence in your fleet
  • Provide detailed licence data
  • Show what entitlements each driver holds
  • Notify you of the driver's status
  • Show current endorsements and how many points are on each licence
  • Provide support for internal compliance requirements and policies
  • Provide evidence and reporting for the duty of fair presentation of risk from August 2016 under the new Insurance Act.

It is every employer’s responsibility, irrespective of industry or size to check that all employees who drive on company business hold a correct and valid driving licence. Since the abolition of the paper counterpart, employers now have to check the driver’s record at the DVLA instead of relying on this paper document – which many did in the past.

In order to do this lawfully, the employer needs to get consent from the driver, either:

  • in the shape of a single use “code” from the DVLA each and every time they wish to check, or
  • by getting the employee to sign a D906 Mandate or use e-approval. This permission is effective for up to 3 years and allows us to check the driver’s status on the employer’s behalf with the DVLA as often as required during this period.

This is where we come in. We provide a secure, online customer portal which allows employers to check their employee's driving licences in a dedicated company account, provided they hold a UK driving licence.

We make sure that all UK drivers are legally allowed to drive on company business by working with the DVLA to receive real time data for specific driver records. The system then stores the licence data to the relevant driver record and you are able to view it in your account whenever you wish. What’s more the LICENCECHECK service will actively manage your records thereafter, ensuring that expiration dates are flagged, schedules re-checks are made automatically and critical warnings or changes in driver risk profiles are notified to key personnel for action

If you require any more information in regards to our licence checking service, please contact us. For the complete driver & vehicle compliance solution, choose DAVIS.

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