Supporting Compliance 

All driving licence checks are subject to the Data Protection Act, and require written consent from the driving licence holder by way of a signed unique driver mandate which is issued by LICENCECHECK system.

An investigation by any authorised official will be looking for some minimum standards. So:

  • Do you have a documented policy with regards to Driving At Work?
  • Do you follow this policy in all cases?
  • Are your policies and procedure robust enough to stand up to investigation?
  • Can you prove that you do what you say?

In order to comply with statutory legislation, all businesses should actively check licence records for any of the following: 

  • Company car and van drivers
  • Employee nominated drivers - e.g. wife, husband, partners, sons and daughters
  • Grey fleet, Cash for Cars drivers, Car Ownership Schemes
  • Agency drivers
  • LGV drivers
  • PCV driver
  • Motor cycle drivers

There is no need to worry about Data Protection or Data Security. These are both covered and we work stringently according to our Code of Conduct which is monitored and audited by the DVLA on a regular basis.

LICENCECHECK have been performing 1000's of licence checks directly with the DVLA every week since 2003. So, put your faith in the professionals who have real life experience of checking and monitoring drivers of all types, to ease your administrative burden and make compliance easier.

For more information about our services, please feel free to get in touch with the LICENCECHECK team on 0330 660 7102 or drop us an Email.