Questions to ask when switching licence checking providers

We've listed some questions to ask when switching licence checking providers to ensure you have all the information you require. It’s easy to feel ‘locked in’ to a particular provider, particularly when that provider is delivering a service critical to your business.

Questions to ask when switching licence checking providers

As your businesses requirements change and technology advances, it’s essential to shop around to make sure you’re partnering with the best possible service provider that suits your business needs. If you feel it’s time to switch, always consider two or three providers before making your decision. We’ve outlined some key considerations when changing driving licence checking providers below…


Are you under contract?

Familiarise yourself with your current provider’s contract terms. No two providers are the same; some operate a 3-year contract, some don’t require any notice of termination at all so check your position before making any moves.


How quickly can your new provider get you up and running? 

It doesn’t need to be a long drawn out process – when you’re ready to leave your existing supplier, there shouldn’t be any delay. Set a date up front and make sure old and new providers are aware of the date and are working to this deadline.


How will existing data be transferred? 

Your new provider should be moving heaven and earth to ensure a seamless transition, and that includes procedures for uploading your existing drivers into the new service, unburdening you from this task. When a new customer joins DAVIS, we will upload their drivers for them, as well as kicking-off the process of gaining driver permission.


How is driver permission managed? 

We know from experience that gaining driver permission is often the most difficult part of the licence checking process, so make sure your new provider has a method that suits you. DAVIS has been adapted to allow multiple ways of onboarding drivers with the intention of easing “permission pain”. Choose from a variety of paperless methods or the more traditional paper-based process. Read more about the various methods of onboarding drivers here.


How is data stored and managed?

Always check your new provider’s security credentials and ask how data is stored and processed. Following the introduction of GDPR, there are certain essential requirements that must be observed. With DAVIS, you (the client) will act as data controller in relation to your hosted records and we (DAVIS) act as data processers. DAVIS has been specifically developed to support your rights and legal obligations as the controller of the data and allows you to manage records within your account, including archiving records for leavers and useful additional features such as ‘auto-delete’ in line with GDPR requirements and your own data retention and destruction policies.  DAVIS also holds ISO 2700 1 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations.


Prefer to pay as you go, monthly or annually?

Payment methods can sometimes be overlooked until the very end of the buying process, but it’s worthwhile confirming the options up front as payment terms may end up being a deal breaker. Choose a supplier that has a method of payment that best suits your business.


What happens if your perception of risk differs from your provider?

Risk perception varies business to business and its therefore essential to understand whether or not your new provider is able to personalise the risk settings to suit your organisation’s risk profile. At DAVIS, we don’t believe that one rule fits all and we work with our clients to ensure that settings within the service accommodate their own risk profiles. We’re also able to schedule checks based on risk and expiration date, rather than relying on a pre-set periodic check.


What happens when you’re ready to go it alone?

Picture this. The transition has been flawless and the only thing you’ve had to do is sign a contract, everything else has been taken care of. But what happens the first time you come to use the software service and want to add a driver or schedule a check – have you been given the required level of training so that you can hit the ground running? When choosing DAVIS, you’ll receive a complimentary onboarding training webinar to ensure you get the best possible start.  Quick Start Guides and interactive on-screen help and tips also feature within the service to assist with the operational aspects of running the service.


What happens if something goes wrong and you need quick answers?

Choose a provider that has accessible support in the method that you prefer. Do you prefer to pick up the phone? Make sure your provider has telephone support available. DAVIS is proud to be rated 5 stars on Trustpilot and our valued support team have all bases covered with phone, email and online chat options.