A complete and thorough risk review for your business Better data, smarter checks with Driver Audit


Find out who is driving what and when for your business with a full driver audit.


The new Driver Audit from DAVIS is the very first step to identifying and qualifying the occupational driving risk within your business. From there, Fleet, Transport, H&S & HR Managers, together with DAVIS can determine which checks should be carried out and when, to ensure your company is addressing its duty of care and occupational road risk is minimised.

How it works

Driver Audit surveys your employees or contractors (automatically so requiring minimal effort on your part) to determine their driving patterns, and the associated risk so that the appropriate driving policy and compliance checks can be put in place. Determining factors include:

  • Years licence held
  • Annual business miles driven
  • Typical road types driven on
  • Time of day business miles driven
  • Vehicle driven
  • Collision history

Risk measurement and management is central to all DAVIS services and for each completed Audit, a driver risk score is attributed, enabling managers to personalise the subsequent compliance journey according to risk, rather than adopt a blanket approach. Managers are presented with an independent Driver Audit dashboard which summarises data and highlights risk front and centre.   



Who should use the Driver Audit service?


  • Anyone that needs to establish requirement and budget for managing occupational road risk
  • Those intending to switch to DAVIS and who wish to understand their company’s personalised requirement by ensuring only accurate and up to date information is uploaded into DAVIS
  • Existing clients who wish to carry out a regular ‘housekeeping’ exercise, in which driver data is updated to reflect any changes in role, department or driving pattern.  By having only “clean” data in DAVIS, clients are assured that only necessary checks occur for optimum efficiency


Driver Audit features

  • Easy sign up process – drivers can be activated quickly and efficiently either by bulk import or select and click. Registration can be triggered from an email address or via a unique code
  • Employees/contractors will be asked a series of questions regarding their driving patterns in relation to work, along with driving history such as years licence held and accident history
  • All data is saved within DAVIS and is accessible in real time
  • Settings can be adjusted so that driver records can be created automatically upon completion of the driver audit, or if preferred, through manual selection
  • Company documents may be uploaded for the driver to read and acknowledge
  • Declaration section captures read receipt, and/or agreement to company documents or pledges, such as a driver policy
  • Introductory and final declaration wording can be personalised for your organisation
  • Summary ‘Driver Audit’ dashboard provides a clear and transparent view of the driver pool and includes useful highlights such as driver type breakdown
  • Changes to company critical data fields, such as driver number, or department will require authorisation from the system user


How can DAVIS help?


  • Determines the appropriate risk management checks that are unique to your business needs
  • Highlights any gaps in your current driver policy; such as identifying grey fleet drivers
  • Provides evidence that your business is taking the necessary precautions to minimise occupational road risk (useful for insurers)
  • Obtains a digital declaration and/or agreement to company documents or pledges without reliance on paper documents, or chasing for agreement.
  • As with all DAVIS services, Driver Audit is fully automated and has been designed with the user in mind to make the process quick, efficient and interactive with the onus firmly on the driver to complete his or her details. 


However you choose to manage risk, make sure you conduct a thorough review of your drivers for optimum efficiency and maximum value. 



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