DAVIS Driver Risk Assessment Identify high risk drivers in only 30 minutes...

DAVIS Driver Risk Assessment is a cost-effective risk profiler, enabling businesses to manage occupational road risk. By analysing attitude and behaviour, ‘high risk’ drivers are identified giving organisations the opportunity to tailor support and training provided for these individuals, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. 

DAVIS Risk Assessment has a mix of video, interactive and multiple-choice questions to better understand the driver’s psychology and measures all road-risk areas.

Want to see inside DAVIS but don’t have time for a full demonstration? Take a look at our DAVIS Details video which showcases our Licence checking solution and all the unique features that set DAVIS apart from other driver licence checking software.



DAVIS Driver Risk Assessment

  • Leading psychometric assessment software
  • Featuring a series of online tests with multiple choice, interactive and video assessments information
  • Covers road knowledge, observation, hazard perception, distance following, reaction and safe driving policy knowledge
  • 20-30 minute web-based survey and assessment
  • For best results, assessment should be completed in a test environment using a pc rather than a smart device

How can DAVIS help?

  • Rapidly profiles the risk of your drivers flagging them as high, medium or low risk
  • Identifies the drivers that need further support and training
  • Establishes a safer driver network
  • Helps you to protect the safety of your employees and members of the public
  • Risk scores are logged against a driver profile and further enhanced by incorporating DAVIS Licence Check results if applicable


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