About DAVIS CDR (Card Data Reader)

The DAVIS CDR product provides a convenient and cost effective way to scan and capture the data from both sides of a photo card driving licence, or ID1 identity card and simultaneously check for security features within the document that confirm that it is genuine in a single process that only takes a few seconds. What’s more, the process is exactly repeatable each and every time so the quality of the data captured and stored is consistent and accurate with each scan and the security features always consistently and diligently checked against the official template.

The CDR unit is compact, robust and is powered from a USB port. It’s incredibly easy to use with no training necessary. It comes supplied with its own configuration software to enable or disable links to external software programs and features and to set the service parameters.


How it Works

Once the service has been configured and connected to the CDR its ready to go. The driver drops their card into the slot and in a few seconds, when the unit has read the card, it pops back up for removal.



CDR will recognise GB, EU and International driving licences and ID1 card formats and security features. It is therefore suitable for checking driving documentation at shows or similar events, vehicle launches and test drives, international car hire, and businesses involving the provision or replacement or loan vehicles. Data read from the card can be transferred to other services within davis or external database applications.

The configuration file supplied with the reader allows the data captured to be exported to external applications.   It also allows the photo image from the card to be captured and, if required, can link to a webcam to capture an image of the person using the reader for subsequent visual checking against the photo card image.  The document security check feature can also be switched off if this is not required.

Finally the unit can be programmed to allow a driver to present multiple cards for checking.  This is useful where, for example, the driver has additional vocational entitlements to register.

The CDR was primarily intended to link into the DAVIS suite of services.  This means that data scanned from a photo card driving licence can be written directly to the driver record within DAVIS without the need for any manual keying or intervention.  Davis also offers the facility to store the photo-card image or a webcam picture of the driver as part of their record.

When used in conjunction with the DAVIS Driving Licence Check service, the capture of driver information, the management of driver permission, the DVLA check and the return of results can all be managed seamlessly within the service as a single closed operation – in a couple of minutes or less.  So there are real benefits in terms of data quality, time and costs.

The card reader can scan, read and validate driver CPC and digital tachograph cards. This includes checking for security features and capturing the driver photo image. Information read from the card can be written to the driver record in DAVIS.

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