DAVIS Grey Fleet Management Keeping your Grey Fleet in check...

The DAVIS Grey Fleet Management solution allows companies to easily manage their drivers and vehicles, reducing corporate risk and keeping businesses on the right side of the law. Grey Fleet Management is essential for organisations with employees that drive their own vehicles on work-related business. This could be a Sales rep that drives to client sites, or an employee that doesn't drive professionally but may drive to events or even to the Post Office during work hours. 

We've written a blog to help understand Grey Fleet itself, and some of the more intricate details that it includes, '10 Things You Need to Know About... Grey Fleet Management'.

Want to see inside DAVIS but don’t have time for a full demonstration? Take a look at our DAVIS Details video which showcases our Grey Fleet Management solution and all the unique features that set DAVIS apart from other driver licence checking software. 



DAVIS Grey Fleet Management (All of the DAVIS Licence Check benefits plus)

  • Automated weekly vehicle checks - including vehicle tax and MOT
  • Records compliance-critical vehicle information including age of the vehicle, CO2 emissions, engine size and other V5C information using the vehicle registration number
  • Vehicle data also includes the manufacturer's recommended service interval guidelines plus the ability to record mileage
  • Insurance checks and verification available with the Grey Fleet solution
  • Carry out essential, basic checks such as tyre tread, tyre pressure, fluid and wipers with our NEW road worthiness check
  • Allows upload of critical driver documents and a driver image
  • Gives you the tools to minimise your risk, streamline processes and be legally compliant with regard to Grey Fleet
  • Provides a clear audit trail to demonstrate that as an employer, you are addressing statutory obligations



How will it improve efficiency?

  • You set the guidelines with automatic approval (or rejection) of vehicles falling within Grey Fleet company policy
  • New and improved, structured driver declaration process
  • Automatic calendar notifications and warnings based on driver risk
  • Central hub for managing important compliance-critical driver and vehicle information
  • Empowers organisations to minimise occupational road risk, streamline processes and be legally compliant


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