About Grey Fleet driver and vehicle management

This optional module forms part of the wider davis range of hosted services (SaaS) for fleets, commercial fleets, agencies, local licensing authorities and any organisation using vehicles directly or indirectly in the delivery of their products or services.  The Grey Fleet product can be used as a self-contained driver and vehicle management and reporting system, or can be used in conjunction with other davis services. 

The Grey Fleet module is deliberately designed to take a driver centric approach to the process of registering the grey fleet driver, their vehicle and the information and documents needed to ensure that the vehicle can be used on the road lawfully.  In order to make the process  of registering with the service as simple and efficient as possible, davis draws upon credible and definitive pools of source reference data.  Providing the vehicle registration number (for example) allows information to be returned and data fields populated automatically with details about the vehicle, and whether it is currently taxed and MOT’d.  This also means that all the database fields are properly filled and completed.

Other noteworthy features include:

• Support for locational and departmental structures to accommodate different organisation structures and feature to switch drivers between offices and departments.

• Vehicle and information approvals process (central or local) with automatic settings for policy compliant vehicles.

• Detailed reporting capability using standard or bespoke layouts.

• Broadcast to drivers for news items.

• Automatic re-checks for car tax and MOT.

• Ability to upload insurance information and documents.

• Ability to upload vehicle servicing details, mileages, reports, notifications etc.

• Diary function for visual reminders and actions.

• Email reminders and warnings.

• Facility to record multiple vehicles against a single driver.

• Facility to manage nominated drivers (spouses, partners etc.).

• Links with other davis modules.  

And a host of other features that all add up to make davis Grey Fleet a state-of-the-art solution.