Questions and Answers

DAVIS has been written to be modular in character. Where Grey Fleet is to be added to existing davis modules, it is as simple as plugging it in and reconfiguring a few data fields. The davis menus will automatically update to include the new services.

You might not need davis.  Whether you have a need for a grey fleet management product will depend upon a number of factors which may include (but are not limited to) some of the following:

• the number of grey fleet drivers in the organisation.   In the case of those with only a handful of drivers, a spreadsheet may be a perfectly sensible and reasonable solution.  However, in our experience, the larger the number of drivers and vehicles, the less likely it is that 

(a) a spreadsheet will contain all the necessary information and 

(b) that it will be kept properly up to date and 

(c) that it will meet the reporting needs of the organisation.  

• Any requirements imposed by brokers or insurers in relation to Employers Liability insurance.

• Any existing or pending recommendations from a health and safety review.

• Whether there are Corporate Social Responsibilities in place in relation to the use of vehicles for company business.  If there are certain policy requirements in terms of age, CO2 or engine size, then these need to be seen to be enforced.  davis provides evidence that driver owned vehicles are meeting the policy guidelines by deriving data directly from source (so the data is correct, undisputed and unaltered) and provides evidence of formal approval.

• One of the obligations on employers is to ensure that any vehicle used for work is ‘fit for purpose’.  This means that it must be reasonably safe to use (tyres, brakes, lights etc.) and must be MOT’d, taxed and insured for use on the road (unless exempted).  davis Grey Fleet ensures that this information is provided by driver or (alternatively) automatically checked at source by davis.

• Whether there is a full-time resource available for managing grey fleet vehicles and drivers or if this function is simply handed over to line managers.

If there are no formal arrangements or policies in place for managing grey fleet, then the employer is running the risk of failing to be seen to act as a reasonable employer would have in the same circumstances. 

We will take information about the vehicle itself from the DVLA linked to the vehicle registration. This will include details such as the make, model, colour, date of first registration, number of doors, VIN, body type, fuel type, engine size, C02 and official mileage and performance details. Information relating to the vehicles road tax/SORN status and renewal dates will also be derived from the DVLA service. Information relating to the keeper’s address will be linked to the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) to ensure a postally complete and accurate address is captured. Finally the vehicles MOT status and expiration information will be obtained from the DVSA.

You will typically be billed in arrears at the end of each month according to the number of active drivers registered to your account within davis. Where customers wish to pay their subscription in advance by way of a lump sum payment, some savings may be possible. As a future development, we will be introducing a facility to collect fees by direct debit. Drivers are able to register more than one vehicle within the service.

Where more than one service is taken, an aggregated invoice detailing the consumption of the different services will be provided by Licence Check.

This will depend upon the risk profile of your organisation and the resilience of existing systems. In any civil litigation, the defence may be able to rebut an allegation of negligence if it can show that systems were in place in line with those that were used by other competitor companies in the same type of business. Of course, this would need to be backed up by evidence, and this is where davis comes into its own. Because it provides a clear audit trail of the interactions between employer and employee, it can be used to provide hard evidence to rebut any allegation of negligence (assuming the fleet manager has actually been using the service diligently.

Because of the way davis works, it will also engage with drivers and provide a useful aide memoire to them in relation to critical dates (road fund licence, MOT, servicing etc.) as well as providing an online repository for scanned documents and a way to receive broadcasts of important changes and updates in central or departmental policies. .