Ease permission pain A range of methods to suit your business needs

Getting the basics right can make all the difference, and that’s why we’re committed to making it quick, easy and convenient for businesses to add drivers and get started with DAVIS.

It's always a challenge when it comes to securing permission from drivers to check their licences. Well, not anymore... We've introduced 5 methods of gaining permission to suit our varied client base and in turn, ease what we call 'permission pain'.

Smartphone App

Our newest method of onboarding drivers is via the DAVIS app. DAVIS clients now have the option to scan driving licences (in photocard format) using smartphone camera technology, making it an ideal choice for those that see drivers face to face. The benefit of using the app's "Quick Check" technology is that the driver record is created instantly, requiring very few key strokes or manual data entry. No more wet signatures or waiting for drivers to respond, permission is gained instantly via pin code authorisation sent to the driver's phone. The app offers our simplest, and most convenient way to gain permission yet.


If departmental access to a company phone is limited and using the DAVIS app is not an option, clients can onboard drivers face to face by keying in all the licence data into DAVIS. Permission is gained instantly via pin code authorisation sent to the driver's phone.


Our most popular method requires little intervention. SImply add a driver’s name & email address and let DAVIS do the rest. Drivers are emailed directly and permission is gained by a digital driver declaration. The service will auto-remind drivers until the declaration is complete.

Paper Mandate

If drivers don’t have an email address, or if you prefer to get a wet signature, a paper mandate can be signed. Once scanned and emailed to us, we’ll do the rest.


This small counter top device scans physical driving licences (photocard format only), capturing data and gaining permission in a single process. This method has the added benefit of an extra security check by checking the card's authenticity and flagging any counterfeit cards. Purchase or rental options are available. CDR is a firm favourite with local authority due to it's consistency and ability to check after check after check.


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