Address & improve your risk score with DAVIS Driver Risk Score

Address & improve your risk score with DAVIS Driver Risk Score Winner of Business Car Safety Award & Innovation in Risk Management Award

According to the most recent figures from the Department for Transport, the estimated total value for all reported and unreported road accidents in 2016, was some £36 billion. Statistically, at least 1 in 4 accidents will have occurred whilst people were driving for work related purposes.

Any organisation that requires or allows its employees to drive on their behalf should have a system for checking driving licence validity, entitlements and convictions without exception and finding ways to minimise driver risk and improve safety should be a matter of priority. 

But what you see on a driving licence check isn’t always the full picture. Just because an employee has a ‘clean’ licence (ie, no penalty points), does that mean they pose less risk to a fleet? Not necessarily. And that’s why DAVIS profiles drivers on many different factors, such as the number of penalty points and the type of endorsement.

Far from being a basic check, with DAVIS a driving licence check can actually help to paint a picture of a driver and most significantly help highlight potential areas of risk.

DAVIS (Driver & Vehicle Information Solutions) is a cloud-based software tool that manages driver compliance, ensuring Duty of Care is addressed. DAVIS also manages the entire (GDPR compliant) permission process and once complete, carries out a full DVLA driving licence check verifying the driver’s entitlements, recording penalty points and endorsements as well as flagging disqualified or expired licences. Permission remains in place for 3 years, and driver rechecks can be scheduled in accordance with company policy providing a seamless process that requires minimal human intervention.

But where DAVIS really goes the extra mile in helping organisations address and improve driver safety is by providing a meaningful RAG-based (Red Amber Green) Driver Risk Score.

DAVIS Driver Risk Score uses a complex algorithm taking many factors and data streams into account formulating these results into one real-time score, assigned to each driver. Data streams depend on the client but may include the addition of driver behaviour via telematics, driver attitude/aptitude via assessment results and incident/accident history – all with the intention of providing a clearer picture of driver risk. By having a single score per driver, Fleet & Transport Managers are able to quickly identify high-risk drivers for further attention and development.  Furthermore, individual Driver Risk scores are amalgamated to provide one overall real-time Fleet Risk Score helping to give Fleet & Transport Managers the ability to effectively measure and monitor driver risk as a KPI. And because we understand that “risk” can be altogether subjective, the scoring algorithm can be tailored to an organisation to better suit it’s own perception of risk.

“Reducing driver risk brings more benefits then just saving money, it helps to protect other colleagues & safeguard the public. Prioritising driver risk reinforces an organisation’s commitment to a safety culture. To underpin our own commitment to driver safety, our Driver Risk Score is available to DAVIS clients at no extra charge – it is a standard feature within the software.” Terence Hiles - General Manager

Seeing is believing... See how DAVIS can help you address and improve your driver safety.