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LICENCECHECK and Driving Licence Codes‏

Driving Licence Codes are specific codes issued by the licence authority. These codes relate to Restrictions, Offences & Vehicle category codes. Understanding and interpretating these codes is vital. Employers who choose to ignore this detail, expose their liability under their Duty of Care and responsibilities under their HSE obligations.

As part of the driving licence checking process, the LICENCECHECK software application is able to provide not only the number of penalty points and convictions it will also provide the Driving Licence Category Codes, enabling companies to verify the Licence Codes held by their individual drivers, qualify the drivers eligibility to drive specific types of vehicles on company business.

The LICENCECHECK DLVS software will also display individual Driving Licence Codes: Restriction Codes, Offence Codes & Category Codes, as issues by the licensing Authority for each individual's driver licence issued e.g. DVLA (Driving Licence Agency), Northern Ireland Driving Vehicle Agency.

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