ISOQAR 27001

Driving Licence Codes

Employee Driving Licence Checks should be an essential part of your risk assessment and Duty of Care policy if you have employees who drive on company business. In the event of a fatality involving any driver, unlicensed or not, your Company may face Corporate Manslaughter charges and a serious investigation.

As Directors or Managers you may also be personally at serious risk of prosecution under Health & Safety & Duty of Care legislation. In serious cases, if your internal management processes fail for whatever reason and you are judged to have failed to keep your employees and other road users safe, this could lead to an action against your company.

LICENCECHECK online service manages and monitors the entire driving licence verification process in addition to providing free support and assistance in managing “At Risk” drivers.

By including LICENCECHECK in your business process, you will have a highly visible 'Duty of Care' procedure, save yourself time and money and protect your business from potential prosecution. Our secure online service is fully registered with ICO for Data Protection.

Data Protection

Under the Data Protection Act an employee must consent to their driving licence details being checked. LICENCECHECK obtains this permission from employees with a three year signed D796 Driver Mandate Consent Form.

LICENCECHECK accesses the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) “LIVE” database to check a licence holder's current endorsement status and to verify that they are licensed to drive with the appropriate entitlements.

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