Online Driving Licence Checking & Monitoring Service

Are your drivers or employees putting your company at risk?

Here at LICENCECHECK, we provide an online driving licence checking and monitoring service which allows fleet managers, directors and business owners to validate the driving licence records of all those who drive on company business. 

LICENCECHECK - The Online Driving Licence Checking Service

If employees who work at your organisation are required to drive as part of their job, by law you have to check and validate their licence to make sure they are legally entitled to drive. This is where we come in. Our fast and secure online customer portal links directly with the DVLA and allows you to check any employee who drives for your organisation, as long as they hold a UK driving licence. 

Our service is guaranteed to save you time and money, as our system allows you to perform checks on your drivers online via the DVLA, producing instant results in your account. This creates an auditable online record trial and protects your business from health and safety risks. 

We truly believe that by utilising LICENCECHECK, you've done everything you can to mitigate the risk posed by illegal or unqualified drivers on your fleet.

How do we support our customers?

  • Experience - LICENCECHECK has been delivering driving licence checking services since 2003
  • Availablity & Accessibility - Provide a secure online customer portal available 24/7/365 with 99.9% uptime
  • Credentials - Certified to ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management
  • Credentials - Certified to full 'Cyber Security Plus' standards
  • ICO Data Protection Registered

What does our online customer portal offer? 

  • Our services allows drivers to grant consent online using our unique DVLA e-consent process
  • Allow your drivers to give consent manually by use of a paper D796 form
  • Allows your company to view your employees driving licence record
  • 98.5% of driving licence results available within 30 seconds
  • Schedule automatic and frequent licence rechecks based on penalty points, conviction and risk for all drivers
  • Receive automated email alerts regarding immediate actions, high risk drivers and expiry alerts
  • Our excellent support team will also provide with full user training and support throughout the relationaship at no extra cost.

To learn more about how LICENCECHECK's driving licence checking and monitoring service can benefit your company simply call our sales team on 0845 226 9686, complete the Quick Quote form on the right or send us an Email.

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