The Ultimate Driving Licence Checking Service

Do you know which drivers are putting your company at risk? 

At LICENCECHECK, we provide an online driving licence checking and monitoring service which allows fleet managers, directors and business owners to validate the driving licence records of all those who drive on company business. 

Our fast and secure online web portal links directly with the DVLA and allows you to check every UK driving licence in your fleet and to make sure that they are legally allowed to drive on company business. 

What does our online portal provide?

Our online system performs as a fleet management tool and it allows you to:

  • Create driver mandate consent forms for printing and emailing
  • Create and validate driver details through the online e-consent process
  • Select and schedule on how frequently you would like to carry out licence checks on your drivers
  • Receive email alerts regarding high risk drivers
  • Do instant licence scheduling and recheck requests
  • Perform real time licence checks
  • Run detailed and tailored reports for your drivers

"If a normal routine check reveals that a driver is disqualified, revoked or has an expired driving licence, one of our support team members will give your account holder a call immediately" 

Our excellent support team will also provide you with full training and support through the system at no extra cost. 

We reduce the risk, protect your business and save you time and money.

To find out more about our driving licence checking service and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with the LICENCECHECK team on 0845 226 9686 or send us an Email.

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