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UK Driving Licence Checking & Monitoring Service

LICENCECHECK is an essential online driving licence checking and monitoring service for any company that allows employees to drive on company business.

Driving Licence


LICENCECHECK offers access via a highly secure and ecrypted gateway to DVLA licence record data. Using our service means that you are able to verify that your drivers are legally licensed to drive with the appropriate entitlements. LICENCECHECK contributes to, and protects companies from work related road risk.

Whether your drivers use company cars,vans,lorries or are grey fleet drivers you MUST make sure that they have a valid and correct driving licence for the vehicle they are driving.

Legal Responsibility

Manage Your Compliance Simply and Efficiently

Are you aware that visually checking a copy of the driving licence is no guarantee that you will be immune from prosecution should your employee commit an offence, or be involved in an accident? LICENCECHECK will assist you in managing your compliance and ensure that your employees are legally entitled to drive on company business.

Be Compliant


  • Verification that the driver is licensed to drive
  • Current endorsement status and penalty points
  • Confirming all category entitlements including dates
  • Identifying revoked and disqualified drivers
  • Licence results usually within 24 hours
  • Full compliance with Data Protection Act
  • Managing consent for up to 3 years
  • The ability to make checks as often required
  • User access at any level
  • and more....

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