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LICENCECHECK is a driving licence verification service, enabling UK driving licences to be checked online.  Our service assists in reducing the administrative burden of manually checking the driving licences for any company or organisation.

Using the LICENCECHECK online service, companies are able demonstrate a “Duty of Care" to their employees, thus minimising the potential risk of failing their Duty of Care Policy. 

It's the employers responsibility to check that all employees who drive on company business hold a correct and valid driving licence. Simply just looking at the licence isn't enough, and this is why we are indispensable to businesses. We make sure that drivers are legally allowed to drive on company business, by working with the DVLA to receive real time data from the specific driver record. The licence checks are completed via our online portal, which is extremely easy and friendly to use. Significantly, full training and support is provided for you as standard at no extra charge, regardless of the amunt of user you may wish to have registered.

Implementing an online licence checking solution will provide support for you Duty of Care policy, it will also provide protection against employees driving without a valid licence, and can be used to support any Corporate Manslaughter claims or charges being brought against Directors. Senior Managers or employees that are responsible for your compnay policies and procedures in the event of a fatality or more serious events, caused by an incident involving someone driving on company business.



  • Create company locations, subsidiaries and department levels
  • Create driver mandate consent forms for printing and emailing
  • Schedule the frequency for carrying out licence checks on all drivers
  • Notification system - Receive email alerts regarding high risk drivers
  • Instant licence scheduling and recheck requests
  • Full telephone and email support at no extra cost
  • Fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998

For more information about our services, please feel free to get in touch with the LICENCECHECK team on 0845 226 9686 or drop us an Email.

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