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What Services Do LICENCECHECK Provide?

LICENCECHECK is a driving licence verification service, enabling UK driving licences to be checked online.  Our service helps you to reduce the administrative burden of manually checking the driving licences for your company or organisation.

Using the LICENCECHECK online service, companies are able demonstrate a “Duty of Care" to their employees, thus minimising the potential risk of failing their Duty of Care Policy. 

It will also provide protection against employees driving without a valid licence, and against Corporate Manslaughter claims or charges being brought against Directors and Senior Managers in the event of a fatality, caused by an incident involving someone driving on company business.

LICENCECHECK Service Options:

• Online Driver Licence Checking 24/7
• Urgent Same Day Driving Licence Checks
• Licensed Agency Platform
• Full Management Control Panel
• White Labelling Services
• System Integration Services

LICENCECHECK - Secure Online System Benefits:

• Secure Online Access Control for Administrators & System Users
• Creation of Location and Departmental Access
• Remote Driver Notification Mandate Requests
• Secure Online Driver Mandate Completion and Tracking
• Auto System Notification for all 'At Risk Drivers'
• Auto System Notification and Critical Events
• Driver File Archiving
• Online Executive and Management Reports
• Credit Account Management
• Cost Centre Billing and Invoicing
• Symbiotic System Relationship Facility
• Fully Compliance with Data Protection Act 1988