Licence Check Ltd achieves carbon negative status

We are working with Auditel, who created our Carbon Reduction Plan and we are delighted to confirm that we are now officially a carbon negative company.

When we began working with Auditel 18 months ago we committed to becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2023. We are delighted to announce that we have exceeded that target by achieving carbon negative status after reducing our emissions by 57% overall.

The theory of carbon neutrality is based on the aim that the sum of all the greenhouse gases any entity puts into and takes from the atmosphere will balance out to zero. For a company to be carbon neutral, any emissions they create must be offset by emissions they reduce elsewhere. To offset the emissions not yet eliminated, we have purchased carbon credits equivalent to 130% of its footprint, effectively achieving carbon negative status.

We made several changes at operational level to reduce our carbon footprint, most significantly was to support employees in working from home as commuting represented the largest source (20%) of the company’s total carbon emissions. In addition to this, meetings were arranged online instead of face to face, and employees were encouraged to car share and take public transport where possible. More than 90% of sales meetings taken so far in 2023 have been conducted online or over the phone.

We are delighted to announce that we have exceeded that target by achieving carbon negative status after reducing our emissions by 57% overall.

How DAVIS services have been developed to support a greener and more sustainable fleet

DAVIS Fleet enables fleet managers to measure the current CO2 emissions of their fleet vehicles, with the ability to set targets to reduce emissions helping to improve their company’s carbon footprint. A dedicated dashboard for measuring CO2 is available, which helps businesses take crucial steps to achieving net zero status. DAVIS Fleet highlights carbon emissions and makes positive change more accessible for companies who may not yet have begun to address the carbon footprint of their fleet.

We are advocates of fuel-efficient driving and issue automatic reminders to drivers to carry out simple roadworthiness checks on tyre tread and pressure to increase their average MPG through DAVIS Fleet.

DAVIS Grey Fleet has the capability of automatically accepting or rejecting vehicles based on age, engine size and/or emissions enabling fleet managers to gain tighter control of their grey fleet’s carbon emissions.

DAVIS Coaching, our training and development solution has content containing course questions on eco-driving and electric vehicles to support the education of company drivers, highlighting our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of corporate fleets.

DAVIS Licence Check is a digital service and offers 6 methods of gaining driver permission. Our most popular method is E-Permission which is paperless.


To find out more about DAVIS and how we can help you manage a greener fleet, get in touch.


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