About DAVIS Driving Licence Checking

Licence Checking is a part of the wider DAVIS platform and is the foundation that allows the risk of drivers to be monitored. Checking employee's licences is absolutely essential for any private or public sector company that have a fleet(s) or require employees to drive their own vehicles during employment. The Licence Check solution is available as a stand alone module, however it can also be accompanied by additional solutions such as Grey Fleet, Driver Risk Assessments or Fleet File

The Licence Check solution works in real-time, with a direct secure connection to the DVLA driver record database. It covers GB licence holders or those holding foreign driving licences who have a record held at the DVLA. Once permission has been obtained from the driver and a request initiated, results are available within seconds. Along with the Licence Check module, you'll also benefit from several free features, all included in the same price. 

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There is no equivalent service available for foreign licence holders (see Q&A's). DAVIS offers a manual paper based option for Poland, but checks for other EU and international countries will require inspection of the licence itself and no confirmed previous history/record is available.

Our driver licence checking service is available 24/7, 365 days a year and we also offer integrated API services for partners that wish to offer the service within their own applications.